The people involved in this area are our Senior Manager – Awe Koni, our Finance Manager – Glenda Anderson & our Receptionist – Vai Lopeti.

This department has been around ever since the trust was established, twenty years ago all of the admin staff were voluntary except one person. The Admin team has seen a lot of new faces & big changes over the years. One change being our normal operating hours have moved to 10am to 3pm.

The admin side of He Iwi can offer you caring & welcoming team, Help in budgeting for young adults, a local information help desk and Secretarial Services to the general public.

The secretarial services we offer are:
(note: these services must be paid for as soon as the work has been completed.)
Single sided:
A4 –
 0.30c pp
A3 – 0.50c ppDouble Sided:
A4 – 0.40c pp
A3 – 0.80c pp

Own Paper A4 – 0.20c pp
Own Paper A3 – 0.20c pp

Scanning to Email:
A4 Scan – 0.30c pp

Phone Calls:
Toll Calls –  $1.00
Local calls & 0800 numbers are freeLaminates:
A4 – $1.00 pp
A3 – $2.00 pp

Word Processing/Typing:




13 Responses to Admin

  1. donita cottrell says:

    kia ora im not sure if you guys are able to help me i was told a few years ago my nanny had land in moerewa for me. not sure wether this is correct and have been researching whakapapa etc but am having difficulties. my name is donita nora my nanny was nora tamehana she is buried in parkanae if this is of any use im not sure.

    if there is any help out there i would be soo grateful as i am a mum who wants to pass the stories etc on to them and onto my mokopuna


    • Te Awe Koni says:

      Kia ora Donita
      I don’t have any information myself, but I will ask some of our local kaumatua and kuia – they are bound to know. Give me a call sometime.

      Te Awe

  2. lisa MCNAB says:

    could you please send me your physical address, GM’s name and email address please, thanks

    • Te Awe Koni says:

      Kia ora Lisa
      Our physical address for He Iwi Kotahi Tatou is 53 Main Road, Moerewa. I am the Senior Manager for our Trust. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Te Awe

  3. Kees Beentjes says:

    Kia ora and Tena koe to Phoebe who I went to school with.
    Is there someone in Moerewa who is fluent in Maori and can translate written? We may need such a person and it would be good to see the work coming into my home town instead of out of it. Just working on proposals for clients at present so nothing may come of it, may be the beginning of a new industry? My primary school level from Mrs Whiu, Mr Ngawati and Mr Kuru doesn’t cut it.
    Nga mihi

    • Web Admin says:

      Thank you Kees,
      Have discussed this further with you on the phone
      Great to see people still thinking of more ways to expand the opportunities in our small town

  4. Lucy Tukua says:

    Tena koe Awe,

    im a Trustee with Te Matapihi and I am following up with attendees that made the Conference in Waitangi earlier in the year. Can you please email me so that I have your email address for the database.
    Noho ora mai,

  5. Georgia says:

    Kia Ora,
    Looking at an old website, I found the Strategic Development Plans for Moerewa. I was wondering if someone could email my personal address to tell me how far along you are with the plans/where I could find more information about the town development, plans for the future, and any community partnerships (e.g. with local MPs).

    Many thanks,

  6. RayleneRiwhi says:

    Hey Awe :)

    Hope everything is well with you guys! I miss you all, what’s been happening at the trust? I see the website has been updated but I was wondering of there is an email address I can have or even a generic email address? Love to everyone

    • Awe Koni says:

      Kia ora Raylene, Really awesome to hear from you. We’ve been really busy as always. Our July newsletter has just been published and distributed in town. We hope to have it online shortly for all our local and overseas whanau to view. Keep an eye out for it. Regards to Mum Dad and the whanau. Na, Awe.

  7. Delane Broughton says:

    Hi Awe,

    A friend of mine is running a startup weekend in Whangarei. You guys might be interested check it out :)

  8. Cilla Brown says:

    Kia ora Awe,

    Can you tell me if He Iwi Kotahi Tatou trust support whanau financially with business initiatives? Or funding agencies that may help with funding to start a business?

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