31st of June Newsletter

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Ladies Night

Shade is currently running a programme for our young ladies aged 13 – 17 years of age. If you are interested or you know of any ladies who would be interested feel free to join Shade at 5pm on Wednesday nights at the Youth Centre.

For further information see Shade at the trust or give her a call on (09)4041299

“Don’t be shy, come and have a nosey”

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Mo-Town Street Warz

Street Warz

Click To Register

Motown Street Warz is just around the corner,
If you haven’t registered, do so now by clicking above banner
Or Contact one of your street leaders.
For more information such as possible accommodation, street leaders, events etc. check out the Motown Street Warz homepage here

Be prepared for 6th – 8th of April
Friend against Friend
Whanau against Whanau

Street Against Street!

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Notice is hereby given that that the Annual General Meeting
For He Iwi Kotahi Tatou Trust Board of Trustees
Will be held on 3 April 2012
At the Trust Conference Room, 53 Main Road, Moerewa
Commencing at 5.00pm, all are welcome.
1. Karakia
2. Mihimihi
3. Present
4. Apologies
5. Chairperson’s Report
6. Minutes of Previous Annual Meeting
7. Financial Statements 31/03/2010
8. Reappointment of Auditor
9. Community Korero
10. Hakari
A Koni
For the Board of Trustees
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Mana Maori Expo

Mana Maori Expo – 23-24 September 2010

The Mana Moari Expo was showcased on the 23 Thursday-24 Friday of September on the Green infront of the Christian Church in Moerewa. It was a success in terms of showing everyone there are some great talents in our town.

There were stalls spread over the town selling Sausage Sizzles, Battered Oysters, Mince and Fry Bread and Steamed Puddings which were all a hit with the locals.

People from all over came to the expo to see what we had to offer.

A careers expo inside the Church was also held, it consisted of the Army, Police, Fire Brigade, St Johns Ambulance, Regent Training, Soul Within, Kareoke, Step up, Hauora and a Healthy foods Stall. All handing out brochures to inform the community of what they have to offer and  how they can help create a good pathway for the future.

Spot Prizes were handed out to those who got up on stage and sang a song, had a boogie with the kids or answered a few questions.

People also competed in the talent quest for the 1st place prizes of $200, with three heats of Juniors, Intermediate and Seniors. Later on the finales went back to Simson Park Hall were Darlene and Te Aroha took out 1st place for Juniors, Isaiah, Quinton, Tee took out first place for Intermediate and Brendan Scott took out first place for Seniors. With Belinda Hunt, Capital Z and the boys and Mike Scotts band there to keep the crowd entertained for the night.

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Off the Streets Holiday Programme

Off the Streets Holiday Programme.
Tuesday 5th-Friday 8th October 2010

Tuesday 5th Oct

Bring it on! ($5)

Team Building
Wednesday 6th Oct
Rambo! ($10)

Paintball Shooting
Thursday 7th Oct
Bear Hunting! ($5)

Waipu Caves
Swimming @ the Creek

Friday 8th Oct

Square eyes! ($10)


Off the Streets is open to Youth aged 13 to 17 years old and there are limited spaces so please let us know
Come in and pick up your Permission Slip
Cost: $30 for the full programme
For further information please contact Shadey at the trust on (09) 4041299

Tribunal -Te tii
Pou Herenga Tangata
11th Oct- 15th Oct 2010

Te Wananga o Aotearoa
Waka Training
Pou Herenga Tangata
18th Oct 2010

Cyfs Audit
Social Services
26th Oct 2010

Shadey’s Graduation
Social Services
27th November 2010

Xmas in the Park
4th of December – 8am to 4pm
On the church green in Moerewa

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