Northland Curtainbank


The Healthy Homes Tai Tokerau Curtain Bank Programme began in January 2014 with funding granted from ASBCT and Manaia PHO.

With this funding, a base was created from Moerewa where the curtains were created and we were able to service the entire Tai Tokerau region from this location.

The programme that was designed stemmed from researching Curtain Banks that were already established throughout the Auckland region.

We developed the following inclusions into our programme that did not exist with other curtain banks

  • We sourced funding for much needed tracks
  • We purchased laundry equipment to hygienically clean the donated curtains prior to installation
  • We created items utilising cheap/free products to generate an income for the curtain bank
  • We decided to install curtains into bedrooms that required it, rather than just the living area of a home

The changes we included ensured that our client’s received the best possible products that we could provide.

During the time that the Healthy Homes Tai Tokerau Curtain Bank has been established, we have managed to install curtains into 97 homes with 137 homes currently awaiting curtains.  Within this short period of time, the statistics are indicative of a need for the Curtain Bank’s services.  The total amount of curtains made during this time was a staggering 944!  This is a huge achievement because we relied heavily on volunteers to support our seamstress.

Maryanne Latu has sewn over 1000 curtains over the last 12 months11164563_1595962373983746_3265624707654257212_n

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