Social Services

The people in this department are Te Awe Koni- Overall Manager, Shade Pihema- Youth Worker, Messalena Reti- Whanau Support.
This organization was origanally established in the late 70’s, early 80’s due to unemployment. People from Moerewa came together and started planning a future for the Youth of tommorrow. And from that things like after school Oscar and Off The Streets Holiday Programme came about.
In order to come in and take advantages of these things you need to come in and talk to one of the staff members in Social Services.
Our vision is to “Create a positive future f0r the people of Moerewa and outlaying areas”.
“Success of this organization is about people playing their part and working together for the greater good of our community. That is bigger than justĀ  this trust, it’s about the whole community working together”.

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