Mana Maori Expo

Mana Maori Expo – 23-24 September 2010

The Mana Moari Expo was showcased on the 23 Thursday-24 Friday of September on the Green infront of the Christian Church in Moerewa. It was a success in terms of showing everyone there are some great talents in our town.

There were stalls spread over the town selling Sausage Sizzles, Battered Oysters, Mince and Fry Bread and Steamed Puddings which were all a hit with the locals.

People from all over came to the expo to see what we had to offer.

A careers expo inside the Church was also held, it consisted of the Army, Police, Fire Brigade, St Johns Ambulance, Regent Training, Soul Within, Kareoke, Step up, Hauora and a Healthy foods Stall. All handing out brochures to inform the community of what they have to offer and  how they can help create a good pathway for the future.

Spot Prizes were handed out to those who got up on stage and sang a song, had a boogie with the kids or answered a few questions.

People also competed in the talent quest for the 1st place prizes of $200, with three heats of Juniors, Intermediate and Seniors. Later on the finales went back to Simson Park Hall were Darlene and Te Aroha took out 1st place for Juniors, Isaiah, Quinton, Tee took out first place for Intermediate and Brendan Scott took out first place for Seniors. With Belinda Hunt, Capital Z and the boys and Mike Scotts band there to keep the crowd entertained for the night.

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2 Responses to Mana Maori Expo

  1. Sonia says:

    should be holding those events at simson park. this is a community park and where the communal events are suppose to be held. this would be an eventful and financial course for the simson park hall which stands proud and colourful for all communty to enjoy if only other organisations would give it the time of day and stop financing their own areas.

    • Web Admin says:

      Fair comment,
      We can look at that in the near future, maybe you could call into the trust sometime so we can have a conversation. Thank you for your input, I’m happy to be hearing from committed community members!

      HIKTT Web Admin,